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NSW Institute for Educational Research in association with


the School of Education, the University of NSW 


Videos for Literacy: What Works and Why?


This conference examined two major areas of literacy learning, acquisition and development, and explored current problems and issues in the field.


It was targeted to assist primary teachers, Early Intervention and Reading Recovery teachers and tutors, middle school teachers, teacher education students, tertiary lecturers and researchers in literacy.


The conference was held in the Central Lecture Block, UNSW  on Tuesday November 15, 2016 with 500 participants but many more who sought to come could not be accommodated and had to be turned away.  Some sessions were recorded and the NSW Institute for Educational Research is pleased to make available without charge the keynote and elective presentations by the following speakers:


Keynote Speakers  

Professor Peter Freebody, Sydney University. Literacy Education in Australia: Practice, Research, Debate and Dynamism.

Associate Professor Janet Scull, Monash University. Writing in the Early Years

 Ms Jann Farmer-Hailey, Leader, Literacy NSW DoE. What Is Working to Support Young Learners to Understand Text.


Elective Speakers 

Dr Ann Ballantyne, Reading RecoveryTrainer, NZ. Reading Recovery:  Current Research and Development 

Ms Rachel Chaston, Ms Jenny Power, Sydney Catholic Schools. Sustaining Gains after Reading Recovery..  Building Spelling using Assessment for Learning.  

Ms Helen Pearson, School of Education University of NSW


Q&A Session 

Chair: Dr David Hastie

Panel: Dr Ann Ballantyne, Ms Jann Farmer-Hailey,  Dr Jennifer Buckingham,  Assoc Prof Janet Scull,  Assoc Prof Alan Watson 



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