The New South Wales Institute for Educational Research (NSW IER) has been around for a while – since 1928 in fact! 

It began as the National Institute of Education in New South Wales by staff members from the University of Sydney and the Sydney Teachers’ College.  In 1929 its name was changed to the New South Wales Institute of Educational Research with ‘of’ being replaced by  ‘for’ to arrive at the current name.  Early membership consisted mostly of University and Teachers’ College staff and research personnel from the NSW Department of Education.

In 1928 a committee convened to consider the establishment of a national educational research organization which led to the formation of the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) in 1930.  The NSW IER model was used as a template for the establishment of similar institutes in the other Australian States.  The NSW IER has been one of the few State Institutes to have enjoyed continuous activity from its inception until the present time.

In 2008 a detailed history of the NSW IER was published with the title The First of its Kind, authored by Rebecca Fleming.  She describes the activities and contributions of the Institute and how the program and variety of offerings have been tailored to meet the evolving needs of researchers and educators while maintaining commitment to the objective in the original constitution: “The promotion of Study, Research and Service in Education”.